Business Innovations

Sustainable business innovations help organisations produce tangible economic, environmental and social benefits, and also to build long-term business success.

At Grinnovation, we believe that Innovation plays on the strengths and the culture of a company, so its approach and alignment can be vital to its success. We work closely with companies to develop a strategy for innovation and draw roadmaps for future growth. We assist business leaders in figuring out what innovation means for their organizations, how it will impact their business, and what it will take to engage and mobilize their organizations.

We combine traditional corporate strategy and design thinking concepts to help clients create avenues of better market growth. By shifting focus from regular practices to innovative processes, we can explore many options and identify new growth avenues. We use quantitative and qualitative research data, business model prototyping and organizational design with complete IP protection.

We help our clients to address a broad range of challenges, such as: building new sustainable business model, redesigning marketing strategies for different markets, launching an online retail business model, developing innovative packaging materials and creating an impactful advertisement etc.

The combination of our broad strategy capabilities with our sophisticated design thinking methods creates greater value for our clients. Our access to global practitioners and cutting edge approaches to change management, organizational capability building, technology implementation, and strategy implementation enables us to radically expand the depth and breadth of our customized innovation services.

Our Services are:

  • Identifying New Growth Avenues
  • Redefinining Business models
  • Formulating Business Growth Strategies
  • Building Innovative Marketing Strategies