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Today, Innovation touches nearly every aspect of our lives. Modern agriculture, healthcare, information technologies, telecommunications and transport have all been developed by scientific innovations. The food we eat, the planes which allow us to travel the globe, the vaccine which protect us from disease, and the computers and telephones which keep us in touch with each other, are all products of the global scientific innovations. Our everyday lives, society, industry and economy have all been impacted by Innovation and will continue to be so in the future. There is no doubt that we will increasingly need science in the future to help us tackle the significant challenges to humankind in the coming decades. For example, by 2030 we can expect a billion more people to be on the planet leading a rise in world food requirements, increase in the gap of world demand of water and supply and increase in world energy consumption. Innovation has power to provide solutions for all current and future problems but it needs to be effectively harnessed for that. Innovation is crucial for the innovation needed to bring about the applications that drive economic growth and bring benefits for humankind. We collaborate with our clients to identify and pursue new growth opportunities, build innovation capabilities, and create disruptive products, services, and businesses. We foster growth, design new businesses and drive transformation in sustainable manner.